Sharing is caring! I’m very excited to announce Little Lady Studio’s toolbox. Including free downloads to help advance creativity and break the creative curse of often moving on in lieu if reaching full potential…aka, staying (or getting) organized. Check out the toolbox from our main nav!

Check out our new Social SHINE which honors the free spirit, our Bohemian Wrap can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. Find it exclusively at our online shop Options: Luxurious Black leather, black plated coin, Swarovski detail and lightweight aluminum black spike Luxurious Chocolate leather, gold plated coin, Swarovski detail and lightweight aluminum gold spike Luxurious Tan leather, silver plated coin, Swarovski detail and lightweight aluminum silver spike Want to… Read More

Click over (viewable from our website) to view the riveting timeline of social entrepreneurship, relationship building, talent sharing, creativity and the production of the captivating rhythms of the Voice of Maasai music album

Did you know? The story of Little Lady Studio is one of togetherness, community, creativity, discovery ~ and family. When my sisters and I were young, our parents would call us their “little ladies.” This resonated as I remember seeing the love and hope in our parents eyes. Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to sharing more of the continued SHINING stories of togetherness in 2015!


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