Straight from Tanzania and the women’s hands, Maasai SHINE is out the door to KS Backers. Elongo Bracelet and Ring Elongo means shield in Maa, Maasai native language ~ the beautiful handcrafted beadwork is made by Maasai Women Art cooperatives in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, generating a stable income source for their handcrafted art jewelry. This Special Edition includes varieties of the Elongo bracelet and ring detailed with our signature Social SHINE coin. Jessey will be… Read More

Just in time for the holidays our signature coin now in black! Get the look here

Many hours are spent in a haze, feeling somewhere between lonesomeness and curiosity. The labyrinth of Tanzanian activity, the swell of the young,  the maze of enterprising pursuits, the discrepancy of social structures collide in mushrooming town centers, organic developments, split commercialism and precarious opportunities in contrast to realities. A wave of bleakness clouds my spirit as I try to process our world’s framework of justice and freedoms relative to different societies… Read More


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