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Did you know? The story of Little Lady Studio is one of togetherness, community, creativity, discovery ~ and family. When my sisters and I were young, our parents would call us their “little ladies.” This resonated as I remember seeing the love and hope in our parents eyes. Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to sharing more of the continued SHINING stories of togetherness in 2015!

Happy Reflections! For a slice of time between the calendar rolling over and the beginning days in January, our collective brains have identified with taking this time as shared opportunity to make change for the better.  We can strengthen our weaknesses and keep working to improve our strengths, if we get off on the right foot!  Bombarded with tools, groups, resources, gadgets, information and all else, we should be able to get a lot of shit done…. Read More

Straight from Tanzania and the women’s hands, Maasai SHINE is out the door to KS Backers. Elongo Bracelet and Ring Elongo means shield in Maa, Maasai native language ~ the beautiful handcrafted beadwork is made by Maasai Women Art cooperatives in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, generating a stable income source for their handcrafted art jewelry. This Special Edition includes varieties of the Elongo bracelet and ring detailed with our signature Social SHINE coin. Jessey will be… Read More


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