The Voice of Maasai album is a multilayered project that involves numerous cultural, social and individual perspectives. Here are some of the keys things we’ve learned that have helped to make this a success both creatively and strategically. Keep things simple – single ownership Determine who is in or out Outline expectations Listen, observe, ask questions Tread lightly with how much info is too much info Be firm with quality control and stay flexible to… Read More

We can’t do this without you! Help the creativity get KICKSTARTED and earn awesome incentives. We need your help to continue this spellbinding work that has defied odds, sliced through cultural barriers, improves lives and celebrates creativity with open hearts and minds. Interested in meeting the choir and earning awesome incentives? Now’s your chance! We want to make this an amazing opportunity for everyone, so our sweet incentives will include copies of the official album but also a once… Read More

Pairing our Goddess Lariat and classic gold earrings with easy breezy linen and skinny jeans  


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