Woe…looking back at the first year of business

A big sigh of relief followed by a long deep breath and a few gasps for air is my response to looking back over the past year. As most of you know, 2005 was the first year in business for blurredistinction, Jackie, Dave’s and my design studio. Little Lady has been my baby for a while longer…but particularly eventful was the launch of my website which also occurred in 2005!

Pushing, pulling and persevering through the first year of business can be a down right daunting task, but the accolades are fruitful!

Obviously the biggest challenge is living off of pennies while our peers are climbing the ladders in their corporate cocoons with nice cozy securities developing, the certainty of insurance coverage and the safety net of new business hinging on the next executive if they are in a slump. (Breath…!) Not to mention the long hours, constant creative solutions and undying persistence required for success that often seems to have no tolerance for the human condition of emotion.

Alright, now that I got that off my chest I will share with you the stuff that matters!

Most importantly we continue to enjoy being in control of our own lives and have given ourselves the greatest gift of all…we’ve planted our own seeds of opportunity. These seeds that will not grow on their own, need time and nurturing to flourish.

Maintaining the philosophy of confidence is essential…and how is that achieved? By knowing we can get out. No, it is not an escape door; instead it is the front door to the favorable land of plenty! Plenty of choice, possibility, decisions and a great big sense of accomplishment! I firmly believe with the right attitude our opportunities are endless.

You may wonder why I am sharing this with you and bringing you down our memory lane? Because we all have talent but we are discouraged too easily. It is important to listen to our hearts and persist optimism through adversity. Many of my colleagues have or are currently making decisions to follow their hearts and endure their own direction in life. I hope to encourage these bold steps and respect the fortitude it takes to move your feet!

Good luck everyone, we’ll see where next year finds us!

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