Milwaukee! My Perfect Back Yard

Ah…to discover your own backyard! Personal, convenient, relaxing, a little oasis of endless possibilities…and downtown Milwaukee just happens to be mine!

Whether I am on bike, foot or bus you can certainly find me tooling around the city this summer. I have made it a hobby to get out and really live Milwaukee . Instead of ending the workday on my sofa, I prefer to check out the different seating around town.

And let me tell you … I’ve found some pretty comfortable seating!

Mo’s Irish Pub on Wisconsin Ave is always inviting. The staff is great, they serve a perfect spotted cow and Kevin and Ian hit just the right notes!

Eve on Milwaukee Avenue makes a good impression with their Thursday Mojito specials and friendly service. As always, their interior sets a sexy mood and the food is excellent.

Bacchus on Prospect welcomes their guests with an automatic entry. The attentive staff made both the dining and ambient experience effortless. Also, worth mention was the impressive wine collection and fashionable interior.

For a comfortable evening stroll, the Milwaukee Riverwalk offers a great place to collect your thoughts as you watch the people and boats leisurely enjoying the city.

And of course the lakefront has numerous treasures…the breeze…sun…water…sailboats… and horizon … just a taste of my favorites.

So where will you find me next? …Somewhere in the city hopefully enjoying your company!

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