Okay, I admit talking about the Bahamas with its sunshine and sandy beaches seems a bit like flaunting this time of year, but like other good experiences, there is a moral to be shared!

I recently returned from a trip to Nassau in the Bahamas with five lady friends. This excursion was a trip born out of an independent sisterhood, booked and paid for eight months in advance. Five ladies all from different backgrounds, environments and lifestyles agreed on a time and comfortable destination and felt the rest would just fall into place. Our pre-paid all-inclusive excursion guaranteed no last minute runners with an excuse of “Oh, I have to work” or “I can’t afford it,” and allowed an ease of mind that is often suppressed.

Believe me, I would’ve been the one saying, “I can’t afford it,” but instead I engaged in a flight of fantasy that allowed me to travel with no reason to have money or a plan, aka, stress. I didn’t even bother myself with the thought of buying a postcard to send home because it wasn’t about what I was supposed to do when on vacation…it was simply about traveling for nothing else than to lose and find myself…to collect a piece of heart and mind.

If life teaches us anything, it should be to take advantage of the moments when we feel in control of our confidence, because we all know those moments disappear as quickly as we have them. It should teach us to accept things that bring comfort into our lives whether it be a book, a destination, a song, a pet, a friend, a painting, a favorite hot sauce, etc… to accept the important things that make our individual lives smile, the purest gesture of content and happiness.

The decision to take this trip was not determined by our bank statement or a to-do list, instead we listened to that little internal voice that we often try to ignore, the one that speaks for the only person we can truly come to understand, oneself. We heard, listened and followed through…and are welcomed back home with a better understanding.

So…thanks to the Bahamas , the voice, the ladies and to having a little fun!

And worth mentioning are the Notorious Ladies of the Bahamian Entertainment, The only Diamond Dogs of the Bahamas !
~We certainly lit the Cable Beach Resort Lounge on fire!

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