Compact Living…Zen or Zilly?

Okay, I know zilly is a made up word, but sometimes living in a small space can make a person feel a little zealous and/or silly, hence my new word zilly.

My recent move to the Majestic Lofts inspired me to do a little space analysis. Over the years I have tried to experience a little diversity in my living environments, not just because I have a compulsive urge for change and the need to accommodate a studio space, instead it is because I get a bit closer to confirming and understanding my own environmental content.

I have always been a sucker for organization and control; no doubt compact spaces call for both. I realize limitless space allows for fantastic ideas, but the confines of small spaces allow for the creation of practical solutions, and practical solutions enhance lives. I like to blame it on my parents for having three girls; although they let me have my own small bedroom, which I was able to rearrange at my heart’s content, I was forced to stay organized so I was ready to respond in a second if need be. This freedom of space and intense sisterhood galvanized an ever-lasting ambition to make the most sensible use of where I spend my time.

By small, I don’t mean tight, I am talking about a place to comfortably live, work, play and stretch out if I want, but without the excess of unused rooms and wasted space. I’ve found that a building with extra amenities without the hassle of maintenance suits my demanding lifestyle quite nicely! And I’ve learned that staying organized saves big headaches each time I feel like chopping off a few curls with my easy to find scissors! And although I love open spaces because they foster good company…nothing can replace the privacy of a door!

Anyways…a little food for thought. Bigger is sometimes better, but smaller is certainly smarter!

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