Jessey Visits Capitol Hill CARE National Conference 2009

As most of you know, MyPOP works to encourage civic dialogue and action in regards to the issues that surround poverty. At the beginning of May, I returned back from Washington DC after participating in the CARE National Conference. I’ve been a supporter for CARE for a few years now and made the trip to continue my learning, advocate on Capitol Hill and to make some greater connections.

The trip was very productive as I was able to meet some outstanding individuals, learn a great deal and receive affirmation that local initiatives help to support critical global agendas. I look forward to further building and growing connections between MyPOP and CARE.

Highlights from the conference:

At the welcome reception I was able to meet Helene Gayle, CEO and President of CARE, whom I see as an influential role model and mentor.

I attended the conference as part of the MORE group. Although I’m not YET officially part of the 50 over 40 demographic, I was certainly welcomed as a loyal reader and supporter. This was a fantastic group who I admire greatly.

Illinois group who visited Capitol Hill together. A group of passionate and energetic professionals, all willing to volunteer their time for worthy causes.

Performances by Michael Franti, an infectious personality. I will certainly try to catch his show in Highland Park in August.

Worth Mentioning:

Participation in the Conference

Exceptional Organization

Intimate Gatherings

Quality Interactions

Knowledgeable Panels

Please see here for more details on the conference.

Please see here for more info on MyPOP.

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