Little Lady Studio partners with CARE at National Conference 2010

This year I was thrilled to be part of the 2010 CARE National Conference not only as an attendee but as a small business partner.

Following last year’s conference, I proposed my partnership idea to CARE which includes using my WRITTEN gift and greeting card collection to help empower Little Ladies of the World – One Greeting at a Time. The partnership includes -10% of all proceeds is donated to CARE and each card features a personal story from Little Ladies around the World that are creating paths for positive change in result of CARE’s critical and important work.

The WRITTEN collection was first launched in 2003, originally the Little Lady collection, while I was working full time for a marketing company in the Milwaukee WI area. The women of the office immediately connected with my new brand’s message of empowerment and persistence and placed orders and requests for more. I was then eagerly thrilled and have spent every day since navigating to get closer to my vision to help other little ladies of the world improve their lives.

At the conference’s International Marketplace, Little Lady Studio was housed next to Original Women, a unique company that celebrates the artistry of women of the world. The market was a great success and again I was able to meet some outstanding individuals, learn and receive affirmation that local initiatives help to support critical global agendas. I look forward to further building this partnership!


US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Keynote address

I Am Powerful Award winner Goretti Nyabenda

Special Thanks :

Wonderful New Customers

I can’t thank you enough! I received wonderful feedback from all my new customers and appreciate all who entered the drawing for the Writer’s Collection, which will be announced after the first week of June!

CARE Staff

Special thanks: Kathy Lane, Amanda Bolster, Cherae Robinson

Thank you for inviting Little Lady Studio to be part of the market and for all your support and help.

Gwendy Feldman

Co-Founder of Original Women. Gwendy and I met at the conference as we were both part of the International Market. Thank you to Gwendy for being who she is and for owning such a beautiful company.

Jeanne Faulkner

Jeanne and I met at the 2009 conference, making a great connect we’ve been able to create a valued friendship and professional exchange. Jeanne is a freelance writer and a lnurse, including a weekly column for and Please see here for her latest blog from the conference with mention of WRITTEN.

Peggy Homuth

Peggy and I met at the 2009 conference, making a great connect we’ve been able to create a valued friendship and professional exchange. Peggy’s inspiration resulted in her co-writing and recording a song in honor of CARE. The song was featured at the Women Making a Difference breakfast for MORE & Ladies Home Journal readers.

Caitlen Daniels

Caitlen is a dear friend and advocate for CARE. I want to send a special thanks to Caitlen for helping me at the market and for her continued support.

Please see here for National CARE conference 2009 article

Please see here for more details on the conference.

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