WRITTEN now carried at Broadway Paper, Milwaukee

I’m bursting out of my skin in celebration of WRITTEN now being carried at Broadway Paper! Milwaukee is in my blood…I love all things Milwaukee…most certainly Broadway Paper. Back in 2004, when I first launched my Little Lady collection, Broadway Paper was owned by Tracy and it was down the street from it’s gorgeous current location. The store has always been a source of inspiration for me.

Today, under new ownership, I”m thrilled to announce that I will be working with Broadway Paper as to become a flagship store for the WRITTEN collection. The store has my largest point of purchase display unit, offering my loyal and new customers a wide variety of WRITTEN gift and greeting cards for purchase!

Please spread the word and enjoy shopping for your WRITTEN whims at Broadway Paper. And of course, with every purchase you are helping other little ladies of the world create positive change for themselves and their families!

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