On Tour: Glen Ellyn to San Francisco 2010

Ladies and Gents! Jessey is taking us on the road. We are driving to San Francisco for the Power to the Peaceful Festival, in partnership with CARE. Call me crazy…nah…road warrior is better suited. September 6th – 14th follow me and my VW on our journey across the wide open countryside when I introduce the west coast to WRITTEN!

Share (see mapped journey) this amazing trip with me! I will continue to post updates and photos!

Day 1: Log 940 miles. Stop Over in Wyoming. Eat. Run. Sleep.
Day 2: Log 430 miles. Stop Over in Salt Lake City. Explore. Scout. Sell.
Day 3: Log 740 miles to arrive in SF. EAT. SLEEP.
Day 4: Meetings.
Day 5: Power to the Peaceful – The Fillmore
Day 6: Power to the Peaceful – Golden Gate Park
Day 7: Start the drive back home. Stop over in Texas
Day 8: Arrive back home.
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