In Loving Memory…

Our mother, Kathryn J Jansen, passed on Thursday of last week.  My sisters and I would like to honor the loving memory of our mother by articulating her influence.

Our mom, a woman of great depth, was an intuitive educator and a life-long student. She was inquisitive, passionate, stubborn, fragile, fierce and tender with a heart of gold. Her late husband, our dad, suffered his first heart-attack at the early age of 36, so as our mom’s arms were filled with “3 new little ladies” (as our parents liked to call us) circumstances required a will of great strength. This will of strength quickly taught us to love life and pursue dreams. I share with you a  poem to honor our family and our loving mother…

The Keeper of Truth

A smile, a touch, a shout, a cry

A selfless act…upon act

These are the gestures of the Keeper

Courage, bravery, honesty and love

This is the fortitude of the Keeper

Stagger, stumble, push and pull

These are the strides of the Keeper

Protecting, promising, sharing and listening

These are the actions of the Keeper

A caregiver, a lover, a teacher and a mother

These are the titles of the Keeper

Written by: Jessey
In Memoriam of Kathryn J Jansen (Obituary)