New Brand Image

Whether my purpose is for business or personal, my experiences provide me with on- and off-the-job training that serves me well.

Among my recent learnings: it’s necessary to allow my business to evolve without a sense of urgency but… advance with diligent hands; it is always necessary to talk with people, not at people; and always, challenge myself to keep an open mind to change.

This brings me to my latest and most exciting news: Little Lady Studio has launched our redesigned brand and our new website, including our shopping cart,  live by Nov 15th!  -SAME ADDRESS, NEW TOOLS! The new brand image includes a refreshed and integrated icon, the HEALING HANDS, which is pulled directly from the MyPOP Steps to Building Self-Empowerment. The hands represent well-being, physical practice and empowerment. Our authentic icon embodies all Little Lady Studio strives to be…an artistic business that helps the lives of others! Here is a look at our new and improved Brand & Webmap!

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