Cancun: Our visit to the Snake’s Nest

I’ve just returned from the snake’s nest, Cancun Mexico – & the adventure hissed with diversity. My husband and I experienced a brief but close look at the economic, social and cultural diversity of this fascinating place. Our great fortune of the trip included a personalized tour of the city, the tourism zone and the historic ruins from our new friend Reuben, a local taxi driver. We ate delicious food, met a wonderful local family, were introduced to a great designer (Erica Flores), enjoyed the song of an adorable Mayan girl, explored a whirlwind of history and traveled with an open mind.

I always find the challenge of new places very invigorating. A humbling reminder of how much I have yet to learn – Spanish being one of them!

If you find yourself in Cancun might I recommend:
Food: Tacos Rigos in Cancun
Culture: Chichen Itza – tour with Santiago
Design: Erica Flores – clothing designer
Education: A local city tour – with someone you can trust

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