A Moment of Truth: The Art of being Little Lady Studio

So, I rightly ask, is my work a product of my environment? I would have to say, yes. Since my move to the Chicago suburbs a few years ago, my physical ‘studio’ space is that of an ‘office’ space. At the time of the move I clearly realized that my environment in itself was going to change my work dynamic – temporarily anyways. So both nervously and excitedly, I laid everything out and studied my mission. With the evaluation in-hand, a strategical plan (aka new business plan) was created. It was then that I was confident I was on the right path.

I’ve been able to ‘get current’ with my online presence, develop a content marketing plan, devise my product innovation steps, build a cohesive brand and still satisfy my need to be ‘hands-on’ with the process of creating. A significant lesson through it all: Do not stop moving, no matter if the movement is ‘behind’ the scenes or ‘in-front’ of your audience.

In my simplest form, I am an artist. But as is, I am also a business women and entrepreneur, which requires movement in all the scenes. With a bit of nostalgic pride blended with anticipation for what’s to come, I highlight some of my artistic creations here

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