On Tour: Little Lady Studio partners with CARE at National Conference 2011

1400 additional miles logged and another successful and action packed week partnering with CARE at the National Conference in Washington DC. This year’s conference was exceptionally organized at a new location, the Washington Hilton. The International Marketplace buzzed with excitement, passion and determination throughout the conference. Anticipating the conference with bated breath, I launched my new pin keepsake, mini-workbooks, new ethnic  illustrations and our Be Bold Gift Set featuring CARE’s I AM Powerful winners. The special edition gift set includes the bold and powerful story of Goretti Nyabenda, whom I was able to meet at last year’s conference, a unique inspirational experience for me personally.Visit our website if you would like to add this collector’s edition stationery set to your personal stash.

Little Lady Studio was housed next to Original Women, a unique company that celebrates the artistry of women of the world, Tickets-for-Charity, where great events and great causes come together and a few other admirable partners. The market was a great success and again I was able to meet some outstanding individuals, learn and receive affirmation that local initiatives help to support critical global agendas.

The Little Ladies of the World keep multiplying and there is no plan to slow down!


Performances by: Indie.Arie, Michael Franti, PowerBox, Sarah Darhling

Keynote by Melinda Gates

Special Thanks :

Loyal and New Customers

I can’t thank you enough! I received wonderful feedback from all my customers and appreciate all who entered the drawing for the Be Bold Gift Set, announced soon!

CARE Staff

Special thanks: Kathy Lane, Shira Lawrence, Angelina Martinez

Thank you for all that you do!

Niosha Vigue

Special thanks to my daughter for her assistance through-out the event.

Jacqueline Jansen

Special thanks to my sister for being a supportive travel companion and creative partner.

Tracy Allardice

Special thanks to Tracy for making introductions and for your constructive feedback.

Gwendy Feldman

Co-Founder of Original Women. Thank you to Gwendy for being who she is and for owning such a beautiful company.

George Lucas

International Marketplace Set Coordinator. Special thanks to George for assisting at set-up.

Please see here for more highlights from CARE on the 2011 conference.

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