Tradeshow Steps for Success

It was a whirlwind of a week, productive and charged, and I couldn’t have pulled off the successful show without the help of my assistant Bryn, thank you!

Now I will assess. The power of creativity is that it multiplies when surrounded by other creativity, this alone is a worthwhile reason to make the investment into industry trade shows. But as we all know, inspiration and networking doesn’t cover overhead, at first anyways. Yes, I’m emphasizing the value of patience, persistence and relationship-building and industry shows are key to all three.

I won’t sugar-coat the large investment (a few thousand dollars) by sharing illusions of over-night success.  Instead I will outline my steps taken for a successful show and how I maximize the opportunity for return.

Step 1: Set My Goals before the Show

A) Find a prospective Rep
B) Scout/Full-Fill 10 orders
C) Explore Distribution
D) Learn more about Industry

Step 2: Steps Taken at Show to help Meet Goals

A) Utilized free exposure opportunities at show, including submission for Best New Product and Advertising
B) Maximized networking opportunities by attending events, listening and making introductions
C) Submitted Press Releases
D) Submitted inquiry for Rep Leads

Step 3: Assess Show during the Show and Identify Reliable and Valid Follow-Through

A) Keep my company mission as priority
B) Maintain brand integrity
C) Do business with “Like-Minds” and target demographic

As always, I share my experience in hopes that it lend perspective to my readers and your Creative & Bold pursuits!

Continue being BOLD – Jessey

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