Why Tanzania: The Start

Back in 2006, when I was thick in learning and research for MyPOP, I began working with EdunLIVE to source the production of my T-shirts. The T’s are 100% Grower to Sewer African cotton – a business model that helps to promote trade and sustain economic opportunities in Tunisia, Kenya and Tanzania. From the start, having forged partnerships with EdunLIVE and CARE, MyPOP has worked to creatively support global agendas through our local initiatives and product lines. I now have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania to work and learn alongside some of the bold Ladies of the World that I admire so greatly.

My host in the country will be Cross Cultural Solutions, a widely known and leading organization for international volunteering. My placement will be working with a grassroots organization that helps to support marginalized women in the Kilimanjaro region to achieve economic stability and gender equality through micro-business loans, education, counseling and advocacy.

My anticipation for the experience is melded with nerves, excitement, curiosity and mostly a feeling of collaboration. I’m interested in growing both personally and professionally through my experience in Tanzania and see this as an opportunity to continue to establish meaningful relationships, become a more responsible citizen and to personally connect with bold creatives of the world. Every new experience offers possibilities for action and creativity and I will plan to immerse myself and be alert to make the very best of what will emerge.

I would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to my husband for his sponsorship contribution and for continuing to believe in LLS.

There are many exciting happenings around the corner…stay in the loop to follow my translations of this experience – they will make YOU want to SHINE!

2 Comments on “Why Tanzania: The Start

  1. Your trip sounds fascinating! What a wonderful cause you are working for! Best of luck to you and your family. Prayers for safe travel and an inspirational experience! Lynda Goldberg/Westfield Elementary 3rd grade

    • Lynda, thank you for the encouraging and thoughtful note. I have returned from my travel enlightened and very motivated. Everything happens for a reason and I now will immerse myself to make the very best of my recent experiences.

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