Announcing SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Co-Branded Partnership

Announcing Little Lady Studio’s co-branded partnership with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. Bringing a LLS creative vision to life, our Social SHINE Jewelry Collection distinguishes itself by incorporating embellishments of SWAROVSKI® premium crystals to serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Following an application and submission process with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS marketing team, LLS has been approved as a co-branded partner. The MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS label is a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the premium quality and provenance of the crystals used in our design pieces. It is with glimmering excitement and persistence that we announce this new partnership.

Jessey’s Motivation behind SHINE
My motivation to incorporate the crystals is to eloquently express the hope and optimism that our brand works to represent. SHINE’s campaign, Let your Socidividuality SHINE, is about quality character, sharing talents and owning your actions. Reflecting personalities of discreet elegance to trailblazing persistence, proprietors of SHINE are making a clear and passionate statement, “I am an individual who cares about others.” The shimmering reflection of the crystal light combined with the strength of our aluminum chains provides the medium that reinforces this bold message.

In our world of often superficial concerns, instead of worrying about VIP status, let’s focus on VIS status (Very Important Socidividual)! – Jessey

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