New Year and forward!

Happy New Year! Can you feel the energy? I sure can! Energy to keep persisting and creating our best life possible.

I love the calendar rolling over because it reminds us to be reflective and passionate with our lives, to not waste a moment and most importantly to get off our butts and create the life we want with our own two hands.

For myself, 2011 marked a year of exploration, observation and discovery both personally and professionally. A whirlwind of a year including juggling our new life in Texas, trade shows, travels, new partnerships and new work…least to say the studio keeps evolving!

Back when I created the MyPOP collection, I began using art and design as an assessment tool to help improve my life. As I continue to use my creative skills to shape my future I also find an incredible connection to celebrating others willingness to use their own two hands to make a better life for themselves and their families. Long gone are the days when elbow grease alone could make or break a future, instead, today we live in a world that requires partnerships of all types to create significant change. These partnerships, better said friendships, is where creativity will soar and lives improve.

Looking into the new year…I can’t thank you enough for your continued interest in Little Lady Studio. You are unique, dedicated, passionate and action-oriented individuals who stay committed to creating positive partnerships. With such exciting small steps already taken, imagine the strides that lie ahead – 2012 is going to be filled with growth, adventure, exceptional partnerships and most importantly CREATIVITY!

I’ll end with sharing a valuable lesson…one which continues to teach me everyday.

Friendship is to Meet
To Share is Progress
To Work Together is Success

Let your Socidividuality SHINE,


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