Planning: Logistics and Challenges

A few beads of sweat trickle down my forehead as planning seems to always manifest new challenges. I’m sure you can relate if you’ve ever executed a project that attempts to push creative limits. Here is an update of the status of some of the logistics for the choir recording in Arusha Tanzania:

Accommodations: We are all set with accommodations. The initial hostel turned out to be a dump so negotiations on an alternative have been completed. Our next challenge is to make sure the hostel’s hygiene requirements are met as these requirements are far different from what is typical of the choir while at home in Remiti Village -We may have to provide an impromptu lesson on what the toilets are to be used for.

Transportation: The transportation has been researched and arranged, but will  more than likely will present the greatest challenges while in transit. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.

Documentation & Quality: The recording studio is booked. The timeline for the project is fast and furious, so although the photo documentation is essential for the project, the recording quality is priority.

Energy: We have been keeping the words of encouragement flying. This type of project has many logistical challenges and much unfamiliarity but our teams combined expertise will allow flexibility to social context and relativity issues that we face along the way.


Studio Announcement: LLS will be closed from Jun 28 – Jul 18 while Jessey is in Tanzania for the recording. Please keep visiting us on FB to follow the project! While We’re Away Announcement: All orders placed from June 28 – Jul 18th will be shipped FREE on Jul 20th. As always, we are delighted that you have chosen to visit our studio and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you: As always, thank you to my loyal customers and friends. Your purchases of SHINE are helping to bring a tremendous story to life! I’m so excited to share the progress, the process and eventually the finished product!

Invitation: I would like to extend the opportunity for you, loyal customers and friends, to submit any questions that you may have for the choir. I will be interviewing the Choir Master and a few members of the choir as part of the project documentation and would love to hear what questions you have! Please follow us on FB  or submit via email any questions you have for the choir or myself and please note whether you’d like your name published if your questions are used in the documentary.

Look forward to blogging the next updates!


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