Preparation for First Learning Tour

TZLT2013PromoIt is hard to believe that a year has passed since I last traveled to Tanzania, had the choir recorded and now offer the captivating album on the digital shelf of iTunes. As always, I send my sincerest gratitude and thanks to all who have been part of this journey and want to remind you that it only continues. I truly feel as though we are all part of a small action-minded community that value opportunity to influence positive change.

2013 Learning Tour Itinerary:

This summers experience, departing June 19 2013, will be especially unique as it includes our first learning tour and transformational journey for the first participant. Upon arrival in country, we will meet and start our journey with an 8 day trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the continent of Africa. Providing a breathtaking introduction, the physical and mental challenge will shift us into gear for the cultural immersion to come.

Our second week is where the magic thrives as we will spend a week that includes visits to Remiti and introductions to the Voice of  Maasai.  I will formally present the Maasai leaders with the album, report the sales to date and spend time planning and discussing the sustainability of the work. Our participant will have the a truly unique opportunity to be part of our social-action project and learn about the warrior culture of the Maasai.

After the physical and cultural immersion, mother nature will embrace us on safari through the fabled Serengeti. An experience that we all only dream of as kids will become reality; as we spend our last week in Tanzania with the earth’s greatest gathering of terrestrial wildlife roaming freely across a landscape unchanged since the beginning of time.

It is my hope that by joining on this tour, our participant will get that much closer in achieving a shared vision of the world where people value cultures different form their own and are aware of global issues.  As always, I’m excited to keep you abreast of the happenings while in Tanzania via posts on Facebook….as I know there will be uncertainties, surprises and heck of a lot of fun! So stay tuned, join us on FB and help spread the word!


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