Choir Update: Presenting Album

CHOIR UPDATE & TESTIMONIAL REQUEST BELOW: I hope you are continuing to enjoy the native songs of the Voice of Masaai. The next phase of the work with the Masaai choir is underway. I depart for Tanzania in 4 weeks at which time I will be presenting the choir with a portfolio including the plaque in honor of their hard-work, the scope of the project and the strategy for moving forward. There will be one participant joining on our first learning tour, in which she will have a unique opportunity to interact and help assist me with the continued work.

Mission: Produce a marketable album that will help to showcase talent, preserve Maasai cultural traditions and support individual empowerment goals for the active members of the Voice of Maasai Choir in Remiti Tanzania.

We continue to draw on our mission statement as a guide in making decisions for the next steps. The relationship between Little Lady Studio and the Masaai Remiti choir is a slow and deliberate moving process, but one that is being developed for long-term. Upon my return in July, I will have many details to share, but until then I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

As always, I extend a heart-felt thank you for all who have purchased the CD and hope you will continue to help us spread the word. Below is a list of actions that you can continue to engage in and continue to help shape this awesome creative pursuit!

Request for Testimonials: The choir would love to hear what you have to say about the album! Here is your chance to share your message or testimonial with the Masaai Choir. I invite you to submit a personal message to the choir that will be added to the portfolio and be included in additional creative endeavors with the Masaai. Please note if you prefer to keep the message anonymous (in which case just add your location). You can submit in the comments below.

Action List:

Send your friends a gift in iTunes

Join us on FB to follow our 2013 Tour – repost to your wall so others can hear

Send us an inquiry if you’d like to join us on a future tour to Tanzania for  a chance to meet the choir

Let your Socidividuality SHINE,


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