Choir Update: Cows

ButtonTwoHands1The way to do business and get things done in Tanzania is to build relationships and commit to the face-to-face.

During my visit to Remiti Village in June, I met with the choir and the village leaders and enjoyed sharing the album with a sincere congratulations to all.  After the celebration and many words of thanks, we got to the important business of what’s next.

The community and choir members had the opportunity to directly discuss their questions, needs and other concerns. I also explained any financial success is based on continued sales and marketing opportunities in which I am working very strategically to accomplish. We discussed accountability  and the continued responsibilities among the team. As a result of our discussions, we came to an agreement that purchasing cows for the choir members was the next practical step in helping to empower the individuals in the choir. Each choir member – starting with the most vulnerable – receives a”royalty” payment of cattle. The dairy cows will be purchased as an opportunity for the choir members to produce milk that they can then turn around and sell at market to generate income.

As always, we are staying firm to our mission but remaining flexible to social context issues.

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