Be part of the collective creativity and receive some rockin incentives!

On 08.16.2014 we will launch our KICKSTARTER campaign to rally support and gain momentum for the Voice of Maasai album. WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue this spellbinding work that has defied odds, sliced through cultural barriers, improves lives and celebrates creativity with open hearts and minds. We have done much of the heavy lifting already as the soft launch of the Voice of Maasai music album was released in November 2012 and has proved to be a success and 15 cows have been delivered to the choir members from proceeds of the sales. But now we need your help for the official album release and the continued success and sustainability of the work.

Visit now to be introduced to the campaign and let us know what you think (draft visible for one week, ending 07.28 ~ Full campaign goes live on 08.16.2014). PLEASE follow our countdown at and help spread the word. Let’s get this done!

WHAT IS KICKSTARTER? It is a crowd funding platform for people like you to help make really cool projects happen and it is a tool for us (the creators) to gain momentum and rally support. On August 16, we will launch our official pledge page in which you can pledge $5, $10 or more to continue to be part of making the Voice of Maasai album a huge success and be rewarded with awesome incentives.


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