Trimming the Fat

Good Day Everyone! Every few years (about 5 to be exact) comes the time to rid oneself of things unused and shed all that heavy stuff. And when in business, the bottom line helps make those decisions.

You will see Little Lady Studio’s new web presence that is more ‘social’ ~ more effective ~ and better targeted to the (+) action studio that we are. One big change is our online shopping experience. You will be able to find select products via our online storefront very soon (opening Aug 16), but we will be shifting to more exclusive offerings with our signature, limited and special products. Another significant change is that our site is now integrated with our blog, which makes things a lot easier to engage. We appreciate your loyalty over the years and have every intention on serving unique and incredibly creative products and experiential opportunities in the future and hope you will enjoy our new web-home as much as we are!

You can currently find our products locally at:

Katy Contemporary Art Museum (KCAM)

805 Avenue B
Katy, TX 77493

Welcome to the (+) action and thanks for your patience with any hick-ups during the change!


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