Who are the Maasai?

The indigenous Maasai, famous as herders and warriors, live in the semi-arid Rift Valley Region of Kenya and Tanzania. Traditionally the Maasai have always been a proud, courageous and independent tribe that did not depend on cultivated land and a cash economy, rather they lived off the blood, milk and meat that their cattle provided them. They own large herds of cattle, sheep and goats which they follow seasonally in search of new grazing grounds and water sources near the wildlife areas of East Africa, now known as game parks.

Since the colonial period, the Maasai have faced numerous challenges including government efforts to “develop” the Maasai and/or promote the Maasai as tourist attractions rather than indigenous people of the region who depend on the wilderness for their
livelihood. Unfortunately these efforts have displaced many Maasai people and create large cultural and economic gaps with few bridges to assist with change.

Through the Voice of Maasai music album, we help to give voice to the Remiti Maasai who favor opportunity, education, good governance, preservation, healthcare and progress but whom also want to be treated justly and preserve their culture, traditions and land for the young and elder generations.

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