How To Present A Multilayered Story w/out Finetuning A Fiasco

Voice of Maasai productions are multilayered projects that involve numerous cultural, social and individual factors with the end goal of producing a product that promotes creativity as a means to improving lives. Here are some of the keys things we’ve learned that have helped to make this a success both creatively and strategically:

  • Listen, observe, ask questions
  • Outline expectations
  • Be selective – how much info is too much info
  • Be firm with quality control and stay flexible to social context issues
  • Respect for local customs/traditions
  • Focus on unity and interconnectedness rather than differences
  • Use ground up model (biz growth) not top down (charity)
  • Use patient incremental base building
  • No deficit labeling – focus on potential, promote creativity and prosperity
  • Keep things simple – single ownership
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