Goal to Get Things Done

Happy Reflections! For a slice of time between the calendar rolling over and the beginning days in January, our collective brains have identified with taking this time as shared opportunity to make change for the better.  We can strengthen our weaknesses and keep working to improve our strengths, if we get off on the right foot!  Bombarded with tools, groups, resources, gadgets, information and all else, we should be able to get a lot of shit done.

But as time flies by, many people still express discontent and feelings of not getting done what they say they should get done. I continue to use my simple and very fundamental goal worksheet to help avoid the trend fatigue. Believe me, if you take a few hours to reflect on the balance of your life and then write down what you really want out of life, your heart will smile or at least crack a smile at the end of the year when you continue the perpetual process of improving life. Happy beginning of 2015; Now Print, Write, Hang! Download Goals Worksheet

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