Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness have a way of reaching farther than we can originally imagine. In 2006, my former college professor reached out to me (out of the blue) and suggested that I submit for an upcoming emerging artist in residence. I was selected. Little did I know that small gesture was the springboard for me having the opportunity to travel across the globe, meet a Maasai choir and publish a music album that is serving as a catalyst for positive change. This ‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ I want to thank all those who have committed energy, enthusiasm, strategy, advise and money to this magnificent journey.

The journey is long from over however. Our goal for the music album is‪#‎1MillionDownloads‬. This goal will generate enough revenue to make significant impact in the lives of 22 choir members and their families. We’ve made great strides but plan on leaps to reach full potential. I ask of all of you to visit our website and download at least one song for 99 cents …then forward to a family member or friend and have them download one song. With your help we can make this a live changing success!

#DoGood #GivingTuesday

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