Voice of Maasai NEW SINGLE


We’re so excited to announce Nemaa Koshuma, a Maasai tribesmen and leader of the vocal group at the Four Seasons Serengeti, debuts as our featured vocalist on our latest Voice of Maasai release. Jessey met Nemaa while in Tanzania in February and set the wheels in motion for the recording as she was convinced his voice needed to be heard.

February’s trip to Tanzania was very significant as not only was my husband able to join me for the first time, but I was also ready to move forward with growing the Voice of Maasai initiative. Armed with a plan, we were able to visit to the Four Seasons Serengeti, where we admired a performance by their Maasai vocal group. The moment I heard the melodic vocals, I knew it was time to get back to the studio. I introduced myself to the General Manager of the property and set the wheels in motion for the recording in Arusha.

You are the first to receive this exciting announcement and we hope you will download the new songs from our beautiful new showcase website. The Maasai continue to use their talent and music to generate economic opportunity, give voice to the issues they face and celebrate their living culture but depend on downloads to help make this a life changing success!

Thank you!


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