Call for Backing Voice of Maasai

Our inner circle is where we find love, tenderness and most importantly support. When life sweeps us up with the unexpected, we lean on our circle for strength. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the Voice of Maasai work since it was a twinkle in our eye until now as our indie label! I know the demands of life can at times be chaotic and make us focus on our individual circumstance, core or what is near. But your encouragement, follows, comments, interest, contributions and feedback have really been the lifeblood of this work and have pushed me to continue. It is my hope that we have given something enriching back to you, our audience, and have maybe sparked a curiosity, a question or even a desire to push the potential of common humanity. Our rally for support continues as what we are offering the world requires commitment and continued backing.

Please come on over to to see how you can help!

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