The Art of Social Mobility

Jessey Jansen uses her art to examine poverty, prosperity and social mobility in today’s world. 

The Social Portrait. Illustrative portraiture series examining personality traits and pursuits of common humanity. Medium: Gouache, colored pencil, ink on paper

CulturalCurator    SpiritualSpokeswomanJesseyJansenbr  HonestAdventurerJesseyJansenbr

The Confident Creator    The Playful Bohemian  The Modest MaverickThe Sophisticated Survivor


MyPOP (My Print on Poverty): Digital collage series which visually charts opportunities for positive individual and social change. Medium: digital graphics, collage and beeswax on board

C_3-Jessey-Jansen C_2--Jessey-Jansen C_1-Jessey-Jansen

C_4-Jessey-Jansen    C_5--Jessey-Jansen    C_6--Jessey-Jansen    C_7--Jessey-Jansen    C_8-Jessey-Jansen    C_9--Jessey-Jansen    C_10-Jessey-Jansen

C11_print     C12_print

MyPOP In Motion

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