WRITTEN is the WINNER of the Neenah Paper Paperworks Silver Award!!! This esteemed contest recognizes excellence in design, creativity and environmental conscience. At Little Lady Studio I continually strive towards a product that is both green and stays true to our social commitment. With each small step, I reach towards a future that has less impact on the environment but much impact on community. I’m thrilled that Little Lady Studio’s WRITTEN collection… Read More

I’m bursting out of my skin in celebration of WRITTEN now being carried at Broadway Paper! Milwaukee is in my blood…I love all things Milwaukee…most certainly Broadway Paper. Back in 2004, when I first launched my Little Lady collection, Broadway Paper was owned by Tracy and it was down the street from it’s gorgeous current location. The store has always been a source of inspiration for me. Today, under new ownership, I”m… Read More

This year I was thrilled to be part of the 2010 CARE National Conference not only as an attendee but as a small business partner. Following last year’s conference, I proposed my partnership idea to CARE which includes using my WRITTEN gift and greeting card collection to help empower Little Ladies of the World – One Greeting at a Time. The partnership includes -10% of all proceeds is donated to CARE and… Read More

Little Lady Studio has partnered with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization, to help empower little ladies of the world, one greeting at a time – 10% of all proceeds from the WRITTEN collection are donated to CARE. Look for our newly designed campaign highlight – Each Little Lady card features a personal story from Little Ladies Around the World that are creating paths for positive change! Available in January 2010!

As most of you know, MyPOP works to encourage civic dialogue and action in regards to the issues that surround poverty. At the beginning of May, I returned back from Washington DC after participating in the CARE National Conference. I’ve been a supporter for CARE for a few years now and made the trip to continue my learning, advocate on Capitol Hill and to make some greater connections. The trip was very… Read More